Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Birthday girls pressie.....

Well, not strictly her birthday yet but i couldnt wait any longer before i sent them LOL , they've been ready for ages and ages and if i didnt send them now then they would have found a permanent home with me hehe

LOADS of piccies - got a bit carried away :)

I made a stash box (piccies before but they looked a weird colour!), a year planner and a little prima jar.


Lisa said...

WOW!! Lucky ickle Mel!! Although I did actually think that box was for you - you'll see why that's funny when you get a parcel soon pmsl!! xxx

Em said...

You are too clever for your own good and it's just not fair!!! *stamping my feet in a Callum-like tantrum*

Carol, fabby, fabby, fabby!!!!


Sue said...

lucky Mel

OMG you are so clever

Sandie said...

You are too clever!! And Mel is one lucky lady to have a pal like you. Ummm do you two like pink or something????