Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sofa shannanigans!

why is buying a comfortable sofa bed such a malarky! you would think it would be straight forward...but its NOT!!

The said sofa bed that i wanted is

so, i ring up to check with Bristol has it in stock - no she says, its a direct delivery only. Okay, no problem, how can i pay over the phone for it! - you can't she says, you have to drive to Bristol to pay for it!

WTF!, why oh why would i drive a 3 hour return trip to a store, to pay for something that a. isnt even stocked there in the first place b. that will be coming straight from the warehouse!

no thank you IKEA!

So!, as luck would have it i found the exact same bed for sale on ebay with 3O mins left - whoo hooooo! so, i bid a bit more than i should have done because i really REALLY want it!

Matty then goes with his friend this morning who is delivering to the other side of Bristol, in the vain hope that the sellers might get in touch before they come back - that way he can pick the sofa up NO HASSLE [apparently!]

Well, have just phoned said hubby who is mighty peed off because he has got up at 4am for no reason at all because they didn't phone - oooopppps!

Anyway, my good news is that i completed my first 2 lo's for sarahscards yesterday. I was really worried that they wouldnt be good enough but i think Sarah is pleased with them so thats fab, i can breath again :D


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Carolyn said...

grrr - Ikea can be a pain. BUT sounds like you got a bargain in the end.