Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Better late than never.....

I know i say it all the time but i really do HATE updating my blog! The whole month rushes by and i dont seem to have 10mins to myself and then i hit the new post button and can't think of anything interesting that i've done in the weeks previous - duh! how dumb is that!
Crafty Meet

I went on my craft meet with Lise, Em & Sue. What can you see about these 3 wonderful girls - flipping nuts! thats what! I had a fantastic day, full of laughs and smiles - it really was just what the doctor ordered.

I think the piccies sum it all up really LOL

Doggy Collars!

whoah!, it's been so busy. I could never have expected it to take off as well as it has. Trouble is, it means even less free time now which is a bit of a nightmare!

The personalised ribbon has gone really well too, i've opened a little shop on ebay and the ribbon has been flying! I must remember to print some for myself though - would look fab on layouts etc.

Just in case you haven't seen the new site it's (tis looking rather fab even if i say so myself :) )

Here at my layouts for this months DT for Sarahs Cards Ltd - this kit was super stunning and super bright! just had fun with these.

(as you will see, Em has wormed her way onto a clothes peg - suits her down to the ground doesnt it LOL!! (there are also projects on the go for Sue & Lise - just in case you thought i'd missed you both out!) Mind you! havent sent it to Em yet so she'll just have to wait LOL

I loved doing these layouts - reminded me of what a fantastic day we had :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update from me...

It must be that time again i guess!

I've been trying to figure out what i've been doing for the last few weeks. Firstly we bought a new caravan and then trotted over to Banbury to try it out.

We've gone a bit more upmarket than the folding camper we had originally, we've now gone to a 5 birthday with shower, hot water and even an oven! feels like utter luxury! I'm off again bank holiday weekend and staying in it for 4 days with my sister, Louise & Patchey (god help me!)

oh!, before i forget - yes, i did tow it and yes i did reverse all 22ft of it as well LOL

This saturday i am off for a meet up with my fabby friends - i bloody can't wait, feels like we havent seen each other for such a long time :( it'll be great to catch up again (thats if Em and i dont time warp this time!)

I've also been putting together a new venture. I think you all know that i support a collie rescue called Wiccaweys. Well, i was trying to figure out how i could make some money for them so i've come up with making customer collars and leads. They are available in lots of different colours and are £20 for the set. If anyone would like more info, please email me at Here's some pictures of the sets i've made so far and Patchey sporting her new set :)

Finally, here's my layouts and card for this months DT for Sarahs Cards ( This kit was just stunning and definately my favourite so far!

Think thats it for now. Off for a bath and hairwash before work tomorrow :(

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DT's and holidays....

I've been feeling much much better this week - much cheerier (is that a word!).

I'm off on my hols on Friday to Scotland for 10 whole days! i can't wait. Even the predicted forecast of snow is not going to deterr me (although being in a caravan in 10ft of snow is slightly worrying!)

This week, Mitch, who is a foster dog that my friend Alexa has been looking after finally found a home. For anyone that saw my blog at christmas time, Mitch is the one who was laid on a table and appeared to be dead, or so he wished anyway. He was terribly abused and had cigarette burns etc - it was enough to really break you heart in two :(

He's gone to a wonderful home and is happy and contented. How much better could life be than that........

I did cry buckets though when Alexa rang me. Although he wasn't my foster dog, i just adored him, he is SO special.

Can't really think of anything else happening at the minute BUT....did i tell you i was going on holiday :)

whoo hoo

Finally, my DT layouts for for February. Obviously my 2 layouts are of the very very gorgeous Patchey Miller :) and the pillow pack was made for Kirsty Wiseman's little girl Ellie. You can read all about her story here

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bad bad blogger!

okay, so i have been whinged at by Em today to do an update.

I HATE blogging you know. Essentially, im just too darn lazy to keep it updated and nothing that ever happens to me seems to be that interesting.

Right then, i've just realised that it's before my birthday that i last blogged (god thats really bad!) so i'll start with that. I had some beautiful cards and pressies, Lise sent me the most gorgeous wishing star which is proudly hung in my kitchen so i can have a wish while i'm washing up. Steph sent me a Patchey time Clock and a delicious hang up with my name on. And i had cards from loads of people including Sue, Em, Mel, Kathy and from my friends over at uks.
Right, so whats next?

Been feeling quite low this last month. I think i have a case of the winter blues and it's been very difficult to try and pick myself up again. Hopefully spring is on the way so that will chase the blues away i reckon.

Last weekend my cousin and Matt went for a ride on their bikes and my cousin ended up having a horrific motorbike accident. He lost control of his motorbike and slid down a hill on his face into a 4x4. Poor Matt has been beside himself, it's been awful to watch.

Luckily he's going to be okay (thank god for helmets and leathers!)

Finally my altered item that i created as part of my commission for SI came out this week. It seems like AGES ago that i did it. It was done as Mel's xmas pressie but obviously it's late! sorry mel hehe

Here's another! I produced this pillow pack for the Ellie fundraiser over at Bubbly Funk Form. The auction raised nearly £300 which is fantastic - well done everyone.

Next up is my 2 DT Layouts from Februarys kit from - i think this was my favourite kit. Although, saying that, this months kit is bloody gorgeous as well!

Okay, think thats it for now! - Em, does that stop your whinging now LOL

Monday, January 21, 2008

Latest DT's

Hi All

A Happy New Year to you.

Sorry it's taken me so long to update my blog, i can never think of anything interesting to say (the boring soul that i am LOL )

Christmas is finally over thank god! the hype up to christmas and the panic of what to buy people just sets me over the edge! my bank balance isn't that keen either :(

Work has been really busy - mentally so! i've been working a few late nights and over the weekends so im feeling pretty knackered and emotional pooped at the minute.

I've just started some new fundraising for Wiccaweys. We're embroidering towels and fleece's this time - hoping to help with a few bills over the christmas period. I will never really understand why 2 such wonderful people who do such good in their lives, struggle on a day to day basis. In my mind, good people should never have to struggle, they should be overflowing with money and happiness in my mind :(

Finally got all my gifts finished for my friends. They were supposed to go out on 2nd January but it just didn't happen :( BUT, they're all ready to go now and will be whinging their way in the next couple of days. Bugger! just realised i haven't taken piccies!, will have to unwrap some again now ggrrr....

Finally, here's my DT Layouts for I thought i might struggle this time because the papers are fairly masculine but in the end i really enjoyed myself and had a great time producing my layouts.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mini album

Well Happy New Year (nearly anyway)
We all had a great xmas here - i got a GPS for xmas whoo hoo!
I tried to be a little "cocky" and take it straight out to find a cache! BIG MISTAKE! hence, one SOS phone call to Em for assistance.
It might be worth pointing out that i still ended up following the arrow straight back to my car LOL - dont ask, i have no idea what i did wrong!
Since then, i've now mastered it and have now found a whole 3 caches LOL
Also had news that Little Silver Hat is closing it's doors :(, i'm very sad as this is where all my ribbon comes from - as well as being on the DT (well, for a whole month anyway! do you think thats the shortest DT in history LOL)
I thought i would make Lou a little album to celebrate 2007 and this was what i came up with. A bit of a faff but well worth it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New DT stuff....

Hi All

first things first! - there's a new forum just opened. I've been a member for a few days and i'm loving it so far :)

It's DT time again :) This month the papers are Polar Bear Cherished Friends - what a fab kit, i think it was one of my favourites.

It suddenly dawned on me that i hadn't done a layout of matt, me & patchey, i tend to focus mostly on Patchey if i can get away with it!, she's far more photogenic than me or matt LOL

The 2nd layout is a picture of the gorgeous Callum and his cousin. Em sent me over the pic to do a bit of a popadoodledoo on ( and i loved the piccie so much that i asked Em if i could scrap it. (i promise i WILL put it in the post this week Em!)

The 3rd is a box that i made for the gorgeous Lisa's birthday - surprising what you can do with 2 matchboxes and 2 bits of chipboard. I love how it turned out and thought i might make myself one at some point :)

Other than that, i'm still plodding on with the christmas stockings for Wiccaweys

Hopefully i should be finished in the next couple of weeks and then i'll have time to play :)