Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bad bad blogger!

okay, so i have been whinged at by Em today to do an update.

I HATE blogging you know. Essentially, im just too darn lazy to keep it updated and nothing that ever happens to me seems to be that interesting.

Right then, i've just realised that it's before my birthday that i last blogged (god thats really bad!) so i'll start with that. I had some beautiful cards and pressies, Lise sent me the most gorgeous wishing star which is proudly hung in my kitchen so i can have a wish while i'm washing up. Steph sent me a Patchey time Clock and a delicious hang up with my name on. And i had cards from loads of people including Sue, Em, Mel, Kathy and from my friends over at uks.
Right, so whats next?

Been feeling quite low this last month. I think i have a case of the winter blues and it's been very difficult to try and pick myself up again. Hopefully spring is on the way so that will chase the blues away i reckon.

Last weekend my cousin and Matt went for a ride on their bikes and my cousin ended up having a horrific motorbike accident. He lost control of his motorbike and slid down a hill on his face into a 4x4. Poor Matt has been beside himself, it's been awful to watch.

Luckily he's going to be okay (thank god for helmets and leathers!)

Finally my altered item that i created as part of my commission for SI came out this week. It seems like AGES ago that i did it. It was done as Mel's xmas pressie but obviously it's late! sorry mel hehe

Here's another! I produced this pillow pack for the Ellie fundraiser over at Bubbly Funk Form. The auction raised nearly £300 which is fantastic - well done everyone.

Next up is my 2 DT Layouts from Februarys kit from - i think this was my favourite kit. Although, saying that, this months kit is bloody gorgeous as well!

Okay, think thats it for now! - Em, does that stop your whinging now LOL


Lisa said...

Hurray!! So pleased to see you again!

I am so pleased your cousin is starting to mend and you're right, thank goodness for helmets!

Those pages are amazing, you really are awesome xxx

Oh and as for Em, do not think for one second she will stop nagging - she'll just find something else to moan at you for!

My name is Em. said...


So sorry to hear about Matt and your cousin, what an awful thing to happen. Hope he is soon better.

LOVING those LO's how cute does Patchey look??!!! The colours are just so pretty aren't they?

Keep on blogging Mrs otherwise I'll keep moaning lol!

Janice said...

You know Carol, we are all really interested in your life - nothing big has to happen for you to blog - it's like telling your friends your day to day adventures or misadventures. Love your LOs and sent my DH to Tescos to get a copy of SI so I could have a proper look at your Hatbox kit, gorgeous. You are an inspiration.

Janice (Farmersgirl)

Angelnorth said...

Great to see some stuff Carol. Your blog is your space - do with it as you will! I don't blog 'personal' stuff - just crafty makes so it doesn't matter if anything 'interesting' is happening or not! Nice to see Patchey looking as glamorous as ever!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Carol, congratulations on fab work for SI!

You will blog when you can, I'm sure. x

Steph said...

Lovely stuff as alway Mrs M! Would love to see a picture of your wishing star!

SUE said...

FAB FAB FAB to see you again for once Em whinged and got it right lol

I love looking at your stuff DO NOT leave it so long next time and I disagree your blog isn't YOUR space tis mine to I LOVE IT - XXXX

Kathy said...

Well done Em for giving you a kick - I was just about to "remind" you how long it has been since your last blog entry.

Hope your cousin is on the mend now - must have been a horrible shock for you all.
Some fab stuff you've been making - it all looks wonderful indeed. I bought the mag with your stuff in and it looks amazing. Love those colours

Hazel said...

I'm only just catching up with blogs - I was so pleased to win the auction for your super blooms pillow pack. Hope your cousin is continuing on the mend. Happy Easter.