Monday, January 21, 2008

Latest DT's

Hi All

A Happy New Year to you.

Sorry it's taken me so long to update my blog, i can never think of anything interesting to say (the boring soul that i am LOL )

Christmas is finally over thank god! the hype up to christmas and the panic of what to buy people just sets me over the edge! my bank balance isn't that keen either :(

Work has been really busy - mentally so! i've been working a few late nights and over the weekends so im feeling pretty knackered and emotional pooped at the minute.

I've just started some new fundraising for Wiccaweys. We're embroidering towels and fleece's this time - hoping to help with a few bills over the christmas period. I will never really understand why 2 such wonderful people who do such good in their lives, struggle on a day to day basis. In my mind, good people should never have to struggle, they should be overflowing with money and happiness in my mind :(

Finally got all my gifts finished for my friends. They were supposed to go out on 2nd January but it just didn't happen :( BUT, they're all ready to go now and will be whinging their way in the next couple of days. Bugger! just realised i haven't taken piccies!, will have to unwrap some again now ggrrr....

Finally, here's my DT Layouts for I thought i might struggle this time because the papers are fairly masculine but in the end i really enjoyed myself and had a great time producing my layouts.