Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Better late than never.....

I know i say it all the time but i really do HATE updating my blog! The whole month rushes by and i dont seem to have 10mins to myself and then i hit the new post button and can't think of anything interesting that i've done in the weeks previous - duh! how dumb is that!
Crafty Meet

I went on my craft meet with Lise, Em & Sue. What can you see about these 3 wonderful girls - flipping nuts! thats what! I had a fantastic day, full of laughs and smiles - it really was just what the doctor ordered.

I think the piccies sum it all up really LOL

Doggy Collars!

whoah!, it's been so busy. I could never have expected it to take off as well as it has. Trouble is, it means even less free time now which is a bit of a nightmare!

The personalised ribbon has gone really well too, i've opened a little shop on ebay and the ribbon has been flying! I must remember to print some for myself though - would look fab on layouts etc.

Just in case you haven't seen the new site it's (tis looking rather fab even if i say so myself :) )

Here at my layouts for this months DT for Sarahs Cards Ltd - this kit was super stunning and super bright! just had fun with these.

(as you will see, Em has wormed her way onto a clothes peg - suits her down to the ground doesnt it LOL!! (there are also projects on the go for Sue & Lise - just in case you thought i'd missed you both out!) Mind you! havent sent it to Em yet so she'll just have to wait LOL

I loved doing these layouts - reminded me of what a fantastic day we had :)