Friday, December 28, 2007

Mini album

Well Happy New Year (nearly anyway)
We all had a great xmas here - i got a GPS for xmas whoo hoo!
I tried to be a little "cocky" and take it straight out to find a cache! BIG MISTAKE! hence, one SOS phone call to Em for assistance.
It might be worth pointing out that i still ended up following the arrow straight back to my car LOL - dont ask, i have no idea what i did wrong!
Since then, i've now mastered it and have now found a whole 3 caches LOL
Also had news that Little Silver Hat is closing it's doors :(, i'm very sad as this is where all my ribbon comes from - as well as being on the DT (well, for a whole month anyway! do you think thats the shortest DT in history LOL)
I thought i would make Lou a little album to celebrate 2007 and this was what i came up with. A bit of a faff but well worth it!


Lisa said...

I am LOVING this Carol!!! Stunning!

And I'm not sure what scares me most, you with a GPS or the fact that Em had to help you when you were lost!!!

Em said...


Carol this is totally, utterly gorgeous - I just love every single thing about it - what a fab idea.

As for the above comment from Mrs H - well, I have NO idea what she could possibly mean!!!

Em said...

Mrs M - talk about pots, kettles and the colour black!!!!

About time you updated this methinks!

I WANNA SEE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

This is lovely Carol