Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poor old Puppy....

Not really that much to report this week. All of the things that i've done is things that i can't show yet :D

Poor Patchey was poisoned this week - we're not sure how it happened but it must have been whilst we were out walking on sunday afternoon.

She is still playing it for all its worth...but, she seemed to have found an "inner" strength so to speak to play in the snow today [cheeky little madam]


Bex said...

Oh HI Patchey!!!!
Glad to see you "smiling". Maisie has LOVED the snow today - burying her face in it and everything!

Glad to read she is a bit better Carol xxxxx
Love Bex

Carol said...

Thanks Bex

I am so relieved [phew]

Ooooh, i bet maisie was nearly upto her ears in the snow - bet she had a fabby time :D


Sue said...

awhh she does look to be on the mend


Em said...

Get Well Soon Patchey!

Callum sends hugs too...