Sunday, May 20, 2007

Transparency Album

wow, its been a busy weekend. I've had my hair chopped "again"!, it was too long so i've gone a bit "victoria beckham" ish!

The Big challenge weekend over at CBC is going great guns and is a resounding success. Thanks Sue for ALL your hard work - you totally rock!

One of the challenges was to create an album. We are SUPPOSED to be completely dlo's at certain points during the weekend but im one of these people that when i start, i cant stop until its finished otherwise it really REALLY irritates me. I am not known for being quick so it's taken me most of the weekend to get it finished. I'm really pleased with the results although i cant get the piccies quite right. Matty has pointed out that i've missed "patchey" out so i need to just add another page and then i'll figure out the best way to bind it.


Melissa said...

Carol i really dont know how the hell you do it!!!
This is one piece of outstanding work!
Your the best scrapper i know, you give me inspiration and i really love your work! xxx

Steph said...

Fab Fab Fab!

Need to see a photo of your posh cut!

Lisa said...

I have said it before but I will say it again - wow!!!

I love this soooooo much x

Carolyn said...

...we need to see photos of the latest hair cut :)

What a lovely album