Thursday, May 03, 2007

This weeks update....

Nothing to show picture wise this week - i have been a complete slacker!

Had a bit of a pants week this week really. A couple of friends are in real need of hugs and kisses and i dont know what to say or do to make things better for them. I just seem to make a bit of a pigs ear about it.

Lots of stuff about London 7/7 this week - the whole thing makes me feel sick to my stomach. I wish they would just leave it alone now. Why is it that just when you start to put things in perspective, it just drags it all up again :(

Another situation i tried to deal with just went "tits up" quite frankly. Oh well, i tried!

Mel and crewe are coming down tomorrow and i can't bloody wait. On sunday we are packing the boys off to golf and Sandie is coming over for "girlie chat"

My department at work is being featured in celebrations for "learning at work" so i've had to have my mug shot taken today. I think i look like a crock of shit ugh!

I did do one fairly exciting thing this week - can't tell you what it is though yet because i may not even make it through the first round (how embarassing would that be LOL )

Think thats it from me for today. Should have some crafty piccies early next week



Wendy - Anntaurus said...

I think the photo is great Carol and don't be so hard on yourself - I'm sure you helped your friends more than you realise just by being there.

Melissa said...

CAROLLLLLLLLLLL i just adore that picture of you !!! Email me a copy pwetty plwase :) it will look stunning in a frame on my mantle ;)

and if i can help in any way with your "situations" or u need to bend an ear just hollor xxx


Hazel said...

Oh Carol - sending you hugs. The photo is fab. I'm sure you and Mel will have a great time together.

Steph - Nerdbird said...

As a friend you don't need to do anything hon - knowing you are there is more than enough

Sending you lots of higs and love

Lisa said...

I am one of the ones causing you trouble and you are doing everything just perfectly babes xxxx

That piccy is faberoony!!

Have a great day tomorrow xxxx

Sandie said...

You look gorgeous, what are you on about woman!!!!

Em said...

Carol I LOVE the new hair cut, REALLY suits you.

Sending love and hugs xxxx

Carolyn said...

OMG Carol - sounds like you are having a tough time...I hope next week is better for you. Look forward to the crafty pics