Saturday, April 07, 2007

Inchie & Ouchy

Two things to report today.

Had a go at making some inchies for . These little blighters are so far out of my comfort zone it's just not even funny! BUT! i said i would do them and so i sat there for ages wondering what on earth i could do.

I am not known for being un-cluttered on my lo's and altered stuff so only have 1" was an absolutely nightmare!

I managed them in the end but i dont think they are particularly inspiring! passable! but not inspiring hehe

The second part to my post is my broken toe! I'm kind of impressed with the bruising [if you have to hurt yourself then you may as well have something "juicy" to show for it] LOL

So! i thought i would share some piccies with you hehehehe

[the toes are strapped together to stop the 3rd one veering off at a peculiar angle!]


NickyNoo said...

Ouch! Poor you....take it easy! And your inchies are fab, you're too hard on yourself!

Montysmum said...

OMG your poor toes......booooohooooooo!

But your inchies are super! how cute are they! might give them ago....question is what do you do with them once you have done them?? do you use them as toppers? or swap them like atcs?

Sue said...

mmm lovely inchies PREFER them to the toes!!!!

Sandie said...

OOOOOWWWWWWW Your toes look seriously painful!!!

Hope they get better soon, we need to scrap!!!

maggieb said...

Ouch Carol that looks painful & i know it will be as i broke my little toe last year.Hope it heals soon.