Saturday, March 31, 2007

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo

Actually, not exactly the zoo - we ended up at Woburn safari park.

Mel, Paul & the kiddies came down on monday night [oh, much much excitement] and we were SUPPOSED to have been watching paul race at silverstone on tuesday morning. Because of the fog it was cancelled so we all hot footed it over to Woburn.

We had an awesome day out, the kids were so funny and mel had her lip gloss stolen by a monkey!

We then found out that Mel has never been through a lion enclosure before - jesus, did she scream hehe. Mind you, the lions were VERY VERY close and boy do they have big ol teeth - proof can be seen in the photo below!!!!!

Here's a few piccies of us all :D

I took this piccie of mel on the little train that we went on - obviously it was over exposed and every other "wrong" thing that you could possibly think of but actually......i love it!, it feels kind of arty if that makes any sense hehe. May have to use this photo on my next lo.

Nothing crafty from me this week im afraid - i've finished my dt team stuff for sarahs cards but obviously i cant show you that at the minute LOL


Sue said...

ooooo sounds like fun and you were 20 MIN from ME!!!!


Anonymous said...

Carol, we all had an awesome day out with you, Mat & Lou :)
That monkey did pierce through my lipgloss u know, the ligglt blighter hehe

anyway just to put the record stright i did scream like a baby when we went through that lion thingie OMG i have neva been so terrified in all my life!!

and that pic you took of me is the best one i have of my-self you know, you cant see my ugly mug hehe

Luvs ya xxx

Em said...

Great piccies Carol, glad you had such a nice day together....

Lisa said...

Well Mel told me she had the best day ever and you can tell that from the photos! love the one of Mel too. Glad you had such a good day xxx

Carolyn said...

We always have great days at Woburn - and it looks like you had a good one too.

I am only 10 mins down the road - you should have popped in for coffee