Monday, March 12, 2007

Pressie for a friend...

Made this for a friend of mine - i was SO bad. I had meant to do this weeks ago and then the days just ran away from me again. bad bad carol!

Had my offer of compensation for the whole "London" saga this week - £1000!, yep, thats right. I have to admit that i thought it would be more than that but apparently without going through psychiatrists etc etc they can only class me as having temporary suffering (whatever the heck that means!) - can't really be bothered to fight the offer, it just means dragging the whole thing on so i've accepted it and thats it FINITO :(


Sandie said...

Gorgeous as always Carol! £1000 is that IT, you seem to be really under compensated there if you ask me!! But if that finalises it for you, that is the most important thing.

Sandie xx

Bex said...


That offer is disgraceful really - BUT I totally understand you accepting it. Closure of sorts I guess xxxxxx
Love the CD and case

Huge Hugs
Bex xx

Lisa said...

Gorgeous CD - love it.

As for the comp, well I can see why you would feel you are ready to accept that offer and not fight. Sometimes it is the right time to move on, this doesn't mean just taking it - moving on is not giving in. xxxx

Paula said...

It's not a lot is it. But at least that side of things is done now. best wishes xxx

Kathy said...

Just to let you know that I hope the compensation - however meagre, helps bring this whole episode to some sort of end. I know the memories will never leave you, but at least the paperwork and stuff will stop popping through the letterbox and bringing it all storming back to you every time it does.

Em said...

Carol, just love this CD - as ever you are a complete inspiration.

As for the compensation, well it doesn't seem anywhere near enough to me after all you've been through, but at least you can try now and close the door on it.

Love and hugs, as always xxxx

Steph said...

Thank you Thank you! can I just say that the CD is even more fab in real life!

Your are lovely!

Carolyn said...

Aww - I can't say anything other than has been said - but I hope that you treat yourself appropriately and that it does somehow offer some compensation even though it is small.