Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Singing the blues........

Oh my word - have i got the blues or what! gees, i really dont know whats up with me this week.

I am so tempremental and touchy! i'm feeling a bit left out of one "situation" childish i know but heh, i can't help it! i feel like like an outsider just barely looking in (you know, kind of teetering on the edge but not really in the middle of it)

As for the car situation, that just doesnt bare talking about - the whole situation is like something out of a reality show it's so unbelieveable. Hopefully i have sorted it now, until the next time that is!

Work is really busy and im feeling thoroughly fed up - this is my 11th year in this job and im wondering whether this is "my lot" or whether there is something else out there for me. Don't get me wrong, i work with the most fantastic people, i love them all dearly but im just kinda.....bored!

Told you i was a moaning minnie didnt i! - i really need to sort myself out and stop being so blooming miserable! One of my resolutions after London was to never moan and whinge about things like this but.....

Anyway, enough of my self whinging - i shall try and jolly myself up before my next post.


Nerdbird - Steph said...

Oh honney. sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes

Em said...

Carol - hope you are OK? {{{hug}}}