Friday, January 05, 2007

All About Me....

Well the start of my new year is what i can only describe as "crap". Can't go into it at the minute but we are having problems with the car that we lent to mattys friend. What a flipping saga. Try and do someone a favour and get it chucked back in your face.

Oh well, hopefully i'll get it sorted out soon.

Back to nicer things :D

I created this lo for a challenge that i'll be doing pretty soon - watch this space.

I really must get to grips with my camera this year my photos are rubbish!


Em said...

Sorry you are having a naff time of it {{{hug}}} hope you soon get it sorted babe.

Loving that LO - just wondering where your "review of 2006" is though?? *wink*


Lisa said...

OMG That LO is amazing!!!

(hug) about the car grrrrrr