Sunday, December 03, 2006

My First Layout for the Design Team

Hi All

Wow! i am feeling a WHOLE lot better - still get tired really easily but the cough and chest has eased off now thank goodness. Nearly a whole month of feeling really grotty is not my idea of fun at all.

Apparently there is a report out at the minute that says that a lot of people involved in the 7th July bombings are suffering with bad chest infections - my doctors were so good and he upped the dosage of anti-biotics i was on and tested my chest which luckily wasnt too bad - i hope this isn't the shape of things to come though, i hope that this is not something that im going to be affected by for the rest of my life :(

Anyway, onwards and upwards - i got my first set of ribbons this week from - i had a great time putting this lo together. It's another picture of patchey but heh - its either patchey or matty and patchey is by far the better looking :D [only kidding LOL]

All the ribbons featured are available on the site. Can't wait for the next lot :D

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