Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well bugger me....

Thats all i can say about it actually "well bugger me!". How is it that one thing can really tip you over the edge... I read a blog tonight from someone that i know that moved me to the point of complete tears, it was a beautiful blog. The trouble is, and i know this is just going to sound completely awful and horrid, but this person i've had a bit of a nervousness around since the whole London malaky! it's a fear that is completely irrational and unexplainable as this person has done nothing to me but.... Anyhow, i read this blog and it made me see this person is such a completely different light - she should win an award for that blog i reckon! [i dont know if this person reads my blog but if she does and she's recognises it i hope she wont be offended at all. Let's just say that i have "issues"

Anyway, onto more cheerful things. Today we built a bridge down at the fields where we walk Patchey. With the onslaught of winter we just couldnt get across so we decided to build a bridge! The bridge is fabby but the boys thought they were the "bees knees" - yeah right LOL, and Patchey got into a complete stinking mess - photos below LOL

Ooops forgot something! - i managed a lo today for a swap that im in - i hope they like it, i found the "subject" quite tricky LOL

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Lucylou said...

awww, bless- fab muddy Patchy photees

and who is the ponio in the LO?? xx