Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Frustrating Life....

How come life is so frustrating?

It took me so long to get back into being creative and i jumped for joy when a little bit of my mojo returned - so how come i still feel so frustrated!

I look at different things around the "www" and thing "i want to be as good as that" - so why aren't i :(

I just can't seem to find my "style" so to speak. I'm never entirely happy with anything that i create and i just can't seem to "get it!"

Oh well, i wonder how many other people feel like that?, do you think that Elsie Flannigan ever has a bad day (i think not somehow :) )

1 comment:

Sandie said...

Aaah hun, we all get days or even weeks like that. And I think with scrapbooking it takes a while to find your "style" although I'm not really sure what my style is, each LO ends up a little different from the last one.